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Support Change to Canada’s Dietary Guidelines

More than 715 Canadian Physicians and Allied Health Professionals Asked Health Canada to Reform Canada's Food Guide

Why Change The Dietary Guidelines

The rates of diabetes, obesity, fatty liver, metabolic syndrome and other dietary diseases have skyrocketed in the last several decades, and there is a definite association between the dramatic increase in these conditions and the introduction of the low fat dietary guidelines. The main problem with the current dietary guidelines is that low quality, high carbohydrate filler foods such as refined starch and sugar are pushed as the foundation of the diet. For the vast majority of the population, these mostly empty filler foods add calories with minimal nutrition. Although this would probably come as a surprise to most Canadians, we now know that the current low fat guidelines were never supported by evidence. 

Our Efforts

  • 16 December 2016

    1. Our Initial Open Letter

    When we learned that Health Canada was to begin open consultation about the Food Guide, we submitted this letter with 190 signatures from concerned Canadian physicians and allied health providers.

  • 24 July 2017

    2. Rebuttal Letter

    Following Health Canada's proposed changes to the Food Guide, we submitted this rebuttal letter and submitted a revised version of the initial open letter, now with 717 signatures.

  • September 2017

    3. Response From the Health Minister

    We received this response to our rebuttal letter  from the Health Minister, the Honourable Ginette Petitpas Taylor, which does not  address our concerns about the inadequacies of the Food Guide and the 'evidence base'.  

  •  September 2017

    4. Most Recent Response

    Our latest reply to the Health Minister's letter in which we note the failure to address our ongoing concerns,  and highlight flaws in their 'evidence base'.  Despite asking for a meeting to review our concerns, we have received no further response.

What you can do

Although we are no longer adding signatures to our open letter, our public petition is still open.

Sign The Petition on


 The information we collected was only added to the open letter to Health Canada. The letter was also shared with media.